There is one very important anime convention in the story of Bailey Jay, and together with 4Chan holding a panel there too, made for one explosive combination!

Otakon is an anime convention, held in Baltimore, known also by the more formal title, ‘Convention of Otaku generation’ and is a convention where anime, manga and general Japanese culture fans go to buy Japanese merchandise, see their favorite artists, dress up as their favorite characters and so on. It’s usually a peaceful event, however, during the weekend of July 20 – 22, Otakon 2007 happened, and it was unlike any others previously held.

Following on from two previously successful panels in 2005 and 2006 at Otakon, 4Chan decided to hold another one. The queue for the panel grew incredibly rowdy, and some of the 4Chan citizens spoiled it for the rest. Young males were blocking the females toilets shouting “tits or get the fuck out” – a popular 4Chan expression to ‘entice’ women on 4Chan to post topless pictures of themselves – it was uncontrollably noisy, and a few people decided to march up and down the waiting area, sieg hailing to the Russian national anthem shouting “fuck yeah”. The Otakon staff didn’t take to this too kindly, and almost cancelled the panel there and then, before it had even started.

And the sieg hailing which almost ended the panel before it even began.

The title ‘Pool almost closed’ refers to ‘moot’s real name, which he says is Robert Poole, but no one is still absolutely sure!

‘moot’ managed to gain control of the rabble, and ushered them inside to the hall for the panel.

Download the full video of the actual 4chan Otakon 2007 panel here

Consequently, 4Chan were asked not to hold a panel in 2008 because of the troubles.

This queue got people talking about Bailey Jay, questioning her real sex, and wanting to see more of her, especially on the 4Chan boards.