First Photo Shoot

Even by the time of Bailey Jay’s first proper shoot for an established porn site, many people were still unsure about her real sex, or had never seen such a cute transsexual before. This caused a feverish uproar of popularity, and together with Bailey Jay’s incredibly feminine appearance, slender soft round curves and silky-smooth milky skin led her to be continually rated the top tranny on the site for many months running, even when pitted alongside the well-admired transsexuals like Danielle Foxxx and Kimber James.

Bailey Jay shot several photoshoots and videos for the site, a sample of each shoot is listed below. Consider joining the site to see the full sets and the videos of the shoots.


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It was during this time, Bailey desperately wanted to start her own porn site, and tried to make a few deals to start one as she knew her fans wanted more. She was initially cautious, and delayed the site as she was starring in a pilot show for HBO, but after that wasn’t picked up, it was full-steam ahead!

The people now admiring Bailey Jay were no longer young adults confused about their sexuality, but grown up… well, grown up perverts who knew a hot transsexual when they saw one! They wanted more and more, and the beautiful Bailey was only happy to provide… With the help of a doctor, Bailey Jay provided a lot more!