BJ @ Otakon 2007

It was back in 2007 when one (perhaps not-so-) innocent person attended Otakon in a range of skimpy school-girl uniforms. Certainly being more than ‘up for it’, and after a tiny bit of encouragement, she ended up flashing her chest to everyone around her while waiting in the queue for the 4chan panel to many whoops of delight. That was, until a member of Otakon staff came over and told the young woman to put ‘them’ away. A quick-thinking BaileyJay replied, “it’s okay…I’m a boy!” “Really?” came a very confused response.

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The cleavage disappeared beneath Bailey Jay’s uniform, however, that wasn’t the end of the flashing for her! Her short skirt showed off her legs that go on forever and made her look 10ft tall, something Jim Morrison approved of, and what all the nearby guys were perving at, while the nearby girls stared out of jealousy! Bailey Jay’s rides up escalators were filmed and treasured, perhaps as whacking-off material, perhaps as proof of ‘that time when’…

“Line Trap” – A new name was born

Thanks to the popularity of 4Chan amongst the con visitors, (4Chan were holding a panel at Otakon 2007) Bailey Jay had the label of ‘trap’ thrown at her many times. Some bright spark then had the wicked-awesome idea, that, as Bailey Jay was sitting in a waiting line… and people were shouting “trap” at her, that her nickname could be … (wait for it) … “Line Trap”. Jolly gosh! Well, the name stuck and was much used on 4Chan to refer to Bailey Jay (at this stage only known as “Line Trap” and occasionally “BJ”).

OK, so let’s take a look at 4Chan and see what happened with Bailey Jay after Otakon 2007 known only as “linetrap”