Line Trap on 4Chan

After Otakon, many people talked about it, posting their pictures and videos from it. However, many more posted pictures about the hot ‘trap’ they saw there… Liking the Japanese culture, Bailey Jay liked 4Chan and used the forum as a means to post images of herself. Some people believed Bailey was really female, some knew and posted “It’s a TRAP!”, while clueless newbies asked questions like “Huh? Is she a male?”, or “I am so gay for linetrap” and “DO WANT!!!11!!”

Bailey ate up all the attention, and obviously hungry for more, posted more pictures to fuel the fire. General Otakon talk continued for weeks, but chatter about Bailey Jay continued for many months, and with the occasional photo posted by BJ, it ensured newbies (or “new fags”) continued to ask questions about her real gender! Image macros (images with text underneath) were made with the photos that BJ uploaded and regularly posted on 4Chan.

Linetrap as… “LimeTrap”

Through a Myspace page (where she was known as Linetrap[overflow] and also squeaky – because of her damn cute squeaky voice), information surfaced about Bailey Jay such as; she doesn’t have a gag reflex, and would be dressing up as Gogo Yubari at the next Katsucon. It was at this time more pictures were posted of Bailey Jay by her then boyfriend.

It was at KatsuCon, early in 2008 that someone laid claim to being the originator of the nickname “Line Trap”.

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The continual discussion on 4Chan along the lines of  “Help! Linetrap has stolen my hetrosexuality, does that make me gay?” became overly repetitive for many months and caused a lot of people to simply ignore or flame (insult) any discussion about her.

Though, as we know, all publicity is good publicity, and despite the backlash, Bailey Jay’s popularity grew and grew. Still, no pictures of ‘win’ (explicit pictures you could actually wank – or ‘fap’ – to) existed of her though, so there was still doubt over her real sex.

Did Bailey Jay disappear, did she die? Someone made a memorial of her and posted it on youtube. That sparked even more talk about her on 4Chan!

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So musicians put together some music for Bailey Jay when people stopped talking about her on 4Chan, while Bailey Jay quietly started experimenting with female hormones.