Bailey Jay Granger: Either you’ve never heard of this transsexual before, or you have been eagerly following her from when she first appeared in 2007. Either way, her refreshingly cute appearance and kawaii smile has everyone instantly hooked on wanting more; so much infact, no one actually cares what sex she is, they just want her.

Stealing guys heterosexuality is a passion of hers, and if you’re here…Well, it’s too late, yours has vanished into the night!

To many, her beginnings are largely unknown, to a select few, it’s gold dust. A well kept secret that should no longer be secret. So, find out the complete story of Bailey Jay Granger from the start of her quest to become the bestest transsexual on the planet, through to today, where, well, she is! Yeah, you know it too.

Warning: The story of Bailey Jay contains content that some may find offensive. So, if you think pictures of this hot and incredibly sweet female will offend you, then go away, or man up and stick around.

Still here? Good. Get an extra large box of tissues and be prepared to suffer wrist-strain like you’ve never known before!

Read the whole story of transsexual Bailey Jay Granger